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Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese method of treating ailments. The word acupuncture is made of two parts – ‘acus’ – which means a needle, and 'puncture'. This method provides relief from illness by needle puncture of specific points on the body.

Reference to acupuncture as a modality of treatment can be found in ancient Chinese literature when stone needles called ‘Bien’ were used for this purpose. With the advent of metal era needles of copper and iron were used by practitioners of this form of medicines.

This form of alternative medicine is based on the concept of Qui or Chi (pronounced ‘chee’). This is a vital energy force comparable to ‘prana’ in Indian philosophy. According to traditional Chinese concept the structure of the universe is explained on the basis of Yin and Yang. They represent two aspects of energy, imbalance of which results in a disease condition. ‘Yin’ stands for all that is negative like peace endurance, weakness etc. And ‘Yang stands for all positive influences like strength, warmth, sun, heaven, male.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) states that the body is made up of five hollow organs. These are represented on the body surface according to their energy flow on ‘Meridians’. Specific points or acupoints were charted out on these meridians. The stimulation of these points by needles leads to a balance of energy forces and this is responsible for cure of diseases caused by imbalance of body energy.

Acupuncture DeviceWHAT IS ACUPUNCTURE ?
This is an alternative system of medicine which treats ailments by insertion of needles at acupoints. To be effective a specific sensation called Quichi or Teichi should be elicited during needling. It is a pleasant tingling sensation radiating along a specific direction. Needling produces subjective sensations like pain, numbness, soreness, heaviness and distension objective beneficial effects produced are:-

  1. Analgesia i.e. pain-relieving effects useful in variety of painful conditions.
  2. Sedation or calming effects useful in epilepsy, insomnia & mental disease like mania & anxiety states.
  3. Homeostasis or maintaining the normal balance of the body.
  4. Immunity improvement –better immunity & protection from infection.
Scientific basis of its effectiveness is based on Gate control of pain and production & release of pain relieving mediators called endorphins.

Conditions responding best to acupuncture therapy are: It is also effective in management of Facilities for acupuncture therapy are available at all major hospitals in the pain clinics run for management of chronic pain. Specialized clinics are also run by trained acupuncturists who provide treatment through this method.

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