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Ayurveda advocates natural ways to attain ideal weight. A slight change in food habits and a healthy lifestyle is all needed for weight loss.

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Ayurveda & Weight Loss

Ayurveda advocates natural ways to attain ideal weight. A slight change in food habits and a healthy lifestyle is all needed for weight loss.

Ayurveda describes massage as one of the best way to remain healthy. Apart from daily massage, it prescribes many other massages to heal and rejuvenate the body.

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Ayurvedic Tips for Baby Boy and Girl Punsavan Sanskar

Punsavan Sanskar
06 September 2010- A new baby whether boy or a girl should be welcomed with open arms as this is the most precious gift of God. Planning a baby is the most essential thing after marriage. First pregnancy is generally an unexpected pregnancy. Although it is all God's wish but if possible you must plan it accordingly.

Planning a baby in ayurveda comes under Punsavan Sanskar. It tells how you can conceive a baby boy or girl with ayurveda. Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine in India that not only helps you to get the child's gender of your wish but can also help you in having a genius, intelligent, civilized and cultured child.

Ayurveda always focus on better child rather than the gender of a child. For this three qualities in child are considered:

  • • Physical Health
  • • Mental Health
  • • Sanskar

In physical health it is not only the weight of the child but also the immunity power of the child' body is considered.
How sharp your child is? is measured and covered under mental health. Punsavan Sanskar highlights this in detail.
Sanskar makes the child civilized, polite and cultured.

Men are stronger than women physically but have shorter life span than women. This is a proven fact. The Y-chromosome of a man are stronger than X-chromosome but with shorter life span. Men produces two kinds of sperms Male y sperm and female x sperm.

Selecting the Gender of Chile : Male of Female

Motility of X and Y Sperms

Selecting the male of female child with ayurveda is not the miracle of any kind but it is based on the scientific facts. For this detailed knowledge of embryology, medical science and theory of hereditary is taken into account by the most learned saints in India many years back. Punsavan therapy thus has a scientific logic behind it.

If the sperm and ova meets at the time of ovulation or after that there are chances of conceiving a baby boy. In this case male sperm will go ahead to meet ova and so male fetus is formed.

If sperm and ova meets after ovulation then there are more chances of conceiving a baby girl. In this case the short lived y sperm will go ahead but wont find ova so will die of its natural death. But the longer lasting x sperm will remain there and wait for the ova to get released. So with this conception girl or female embryo is formed.

pH Factor

pH factor is also one of the determining factors for having male or female child. Alkaline environment is for male child and acidic is for female child. For an alkaline environment baking soda douche is used commonly and for acidic environment diluted vinegar douche is used. But you must learn that how strong or weak the douche should be.

Type of Food Affects on Conceiving Male or Female Child

For a female child eat acidic foods like nuts and legumes and to conceive a male child eat more of alkaline food.

Days for Conceiving Male and Female Child

Once you are through with the above step next is defining the time for intercourse to have a gender specific child. If the female has normal mensuration and ovulation cycle then even days after menses are considered for conceiving male child and odd days for conceiving female child. First day starts from the first day of bleeding. Meeting of partners on odd day will result into male child and on even days it will result into a female child as per ayurveda.

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Girl or Male Child?
  1. Contacting partner on 4th day after Mensuration cyccle will result in money spender son.
  2. 5th Day - girl child will be born
  3. 6th Day - Normal son
  4. 7th Day - No child
  5. 8th Day - God lover son
  6. 9th Day - Soubhagyavardhi
  7. 10th Day - Smart and intelligent son
  8. 11th Day - Adharmic son
  9. 12th Day - Obedient Boy
  10. 13th Day - Girl will be Papkarma & shilbhrasta
  11. 14th Day Very humble son
  12. 15th Day - Girl
  13. 16th Day Smart male child

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