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Backache is one of the most common ailments of mankind. Ever since human beings stood upright they have been having trouble with their backs. In fact, experts estimate that roughly 80 percent of people will experience back pain at some point in their lives, and slightly more men suffer from it than women.

Backache Causes:

Acute Backache
- Back strain due to lifting of a heavy object, a fall, a violent jerk (as in case of a sudden car brake).

- Injury, road accident, fall of a heavy object, fracture of the spine, dislocation of a vertebral disk.

Chronic Backache
Spondylosis: A vertebra slips forward on the lower one, usually just above the hip bone.

Slipped Disk: These disks act as cushions between two vertebral bones, the reason may be an injury to the spine which is forgotten, degeneration of the disk due to old age or other reasons.

Posture: Wrong Posture is the front runner as a cause of chronic back pain. (long hours sitting on chairs in the wrong posture, for example- as you may be sitting watching this screen, watching TV slumped in the couch).

Undetermined Cause: A whole variety of conditions called as lumbago, in which sprains in the muscles of the back is held to responsible.
Gynae Problems: Chronic Infection, Pregnancy

Backache Remedies
Maintaining a proper posture is of utmost importance. As a rule whenever you get reminded of your back, try and sit with your back straight.

PainUsing Right Furniture: Using hard beds, firm mattresses, chairs of proper height in relations to your desk, are very important.

Exercise: Even mild exercise to tone up the muscles of the back go a long way in preventing backache. Though people suffering from slipped discs and fractures should consult a physiotherapist for their exercise.

Stretch: A flexible back will go a long way toward protecting your back from injury. It's important to remember, however, that stretch can be a double-edged sword. A lot of people hurt their backs by stretching improperly. If you already have back problems, you should see an expert who can recommend stretches that are right for you. Swimming and yoga are the back exercises because they stretch that are right for you. Each day try to sit a little less and stand a little more. It really is that simple. To reduce the load on your back, all you need to do is take small breaks every once in a while, about one or two minutes. Sitting in a good chair can go a long way toward easing back woes. Make sure the chair has a lumbar support. The chair's height should be alterable, allowing you to find a place where you can sit with your arms level to your keyboard and your feet flat on the floor.

Ice and heat can provide excellent backache relief, but they can't be used interchangeably. Ice decreases swelling and inflammation, and increases blood flow to the injured area. Apply ice wrapped in a towel as often as you can for at least 30 minutes each time in the immediate days after injury. After a few days, go for a mix of ice and heat - 30 minutes of ice, then 30 minutes of heat.

Virtually any over-the-counter analgesic can help ease back pain. Best are the anti-inflammatories, like aspirin or ibuprofen. Don't take painkillers on your own long term. They may mask the root cause of your backache plus bring on side effects like acidity.

Backache treatment - When to see your doctor:
- Acute Severe Backache: Backache which has started suddenly & is severe enough to prevent you from work.

- Backache with associated pain in legs weakness and tingling in the leg or back.

-persistent upper back ache

If painkillers and other therapies don't make any noticeable difference, and you're getting worse and the backache is hampering day-to-day activities, then you have to see a professional.

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