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Home Common Illness Sinusitis


Sinuses are air-containing cavities in certain bones of the skull.
Inflammation of the lining of the sinuses is termed ‘sinusitis’.

Signs and symptoms:
  • » Headache and /or pain over the upper jaw aggravated on coughing or chewing.
  • » Fever
  • » Nasal discharge
  • » Feeling of heaviness all over the face
  • » Purulent discharge trickling into the throat leading to cough.
What causes sinusitis?
  • » Common causes leading to sinusitis are nasal infection,
  • » Swimming in infected water can enter the sinuses through their opening.
  • » Dental infections(molar or premolar tooth infection or dental extraction)
  • » People who have a deviated nasal septum are predisposed to developing sinusitis.
  • » Pollution dust smoke & overcrowding also predispose to sinus infection.
Treatment: is directed at relieving the congestion and treating the infection. Sinusitis
  • » Antibiotics
  • » Nasal decongestants.
  • » Analgesics may be prescribed
  • » Steam inhalation and hot fomentation are quite useful in providing symptomatic relief.
If infection does not respond to conservative treatment and an anatomical cause is suspected then surgery is often recommended.

The use of nasal endoscopes has made possible the successful cure of chronic & recurrent infections of sinuses.

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