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Family Planning / Birth Control

Natural Family Planning Considering the population explosion, increasing inflation and scarcity of resources, the family trends have shifted to nuclear families with number of children limited to one or two. Family planning refers to the natural and artificial birth control methods that allow you to control the size of your family and the gap between your children.

Advantages of Family Planning

Family planning helps you prevent conception and reduce the risk of pregnancy. The biggest advantage of family planning tools is that they save you from the hassles of pregnancy termination and abortion. Adopting a family plan directly effects a woman's health in a good way by preventing unwanted and unplanned pregnancies and subsequent abortions. Restricting the family size allows more resources for bringing up your children and sustaining a family in a balanced way. Adopting family planning methods helps couples to let their children have a more focused upbringing, better education and other amenities. Family planning perspectives are being given serious thought worldwide, and so, important birth control FAQ are being referred more often than ever for effective family planning.

Safer Sex

Safer sex refers to a sexual practice undertaken with proper precautions to avoid the possible chances of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections and diseases (STIs and STDs). It is an act where bodily fluids including vaginal secretion, blood, sperm or saliva are not exchanged. Thus, safer sex includes protection against unwanted pregnancies and sex diseases. Barriers like condoms and vaccinations against STIs and BBVs (blood borne viruses) can safeguard the individuals from hazardous diseases as well as allow them to enjoy the sexual pleasures. Sex without penetration is also a form safer sex.

Male Contraception Methods

Contraceptives or protective measures for safer sex should be taken by both the partners. There are certain specific contraceptive methods meant separately for males and females. Mentioned here are the contraception methods which can be opted by men :


- Avoiding the indulgence in any kind of sex act.


- Latex cover for penis.


- Sex play without vaginal intercourse.


- Surgically, blocking the tubes carrying sperm.


- Pulling the penis out of vagina just at the time of ejaculation.


- Prevents sperms from moving.

Female Contraception Methods

there are a number of different options that can be opted for birth control and family planning by females. The female contraception methods for avoiding unwanted pregnancies include:

Birth Control Implant (Implanon)

- A thin matchstick like implant inserted in the arm to prevent the formation of eggs.

Birth Control Patch (Ortho Evra)

- A thin plastic path stuck on the skin to keep the ovaries from releasing the eggs.

Birth Control Pills

- Pills taken on a daily basis to avoid pregnancy.

Birth Control Shot (Depo Provera)

- An injection that prevents pregnancy.

Birth Control Sponge (Today Sponge)

- A soft, round sponge inserted deep in the vagina to avoid pregnancy.

Birth Control Vaginal Ring (NuvaRing)

- A flexible ring inserted into a woman's vagina so as to keep the ovaries from releasing eggs.


- When a female breastfeeds her baby, the body automatically stops forming hormones necessary for getting pregnant.

Cervical Cap (FemCap)

- Cervical cap refers to a silicon cup, that is inserted into the vagina to cover cervix. It blocks the opening to the uterus and also stops the sperms from moving.


- Diaphragm is similar to cervical cap. It is a latex cup inserted into the vagina to cover cervix so as to block uterus as well as prevent sperms from moving.

Female Condom

- These are pouch like condoms with flexible ends which cover the inside of vagina to prevent the sperm meet the egg. This measure also safeguards a female from STDs and STIs.


- Sterilization can be done in a number of ways. It basically involves blocking the fallopian tubes to prevent pregnancy temporarily or permanently as per the choice.


- Intrauterine device or IUD is a 'T' shaped device inserted in the uterus to prevent pregnancy.

Types of Family Planning

Family planning tools or types of family planning are broadly categorized into two sections: Natural Family Planning Methods and Artificial Family Planning Methods.

Natural Family Planning

Natural family planning is based on avoiding sexual intercourse during the fertile period of women. This method is based on physical signs of ovulation like basal body temperature and certain changes in mucus consistency.

Artificial Family Planning

Artificial family planning signifies various contraception methods that include hormonal methods like birth control pills and Norplant implant, barrier methods like condoms which act as foremost male contraception, cervical caps and diaphragms, and sterilization or permanent contraception. Another popular hormonal birth control method is the IUD (Intrauterine device). This is a small metal device which is inserted inside the uterus of women of reproductive age. IUD prevents unwanted pregnancy and is an effective birth control device.

Emergency Contraception : The Facts

Emergency contraception or morning after pills are the kind of birth control pills that can prevent pregnancy upto 120 hours of unprotected sex. Women often retort to this contraception method in case the condom breaks or they are not taking any other birth control measures. These pills help in preventing the body to release eggs and sticking them to the uterus lining thus, avoiding pregnancy. This type of contraception is effective in 85% cases subject to the time of its intake. Morning after pills can indeed help in preventing pregnancies after an unprotected sex, but these do not provide any protection, whatsoever, against STIs and other sex diseases.

Birth control effectiveness is an issue that is fast gaining importance nowadays. For those who are looking for more family planning information and knowledge on birth control methods, welcome to this complete family planning guide for all your queries, doubts and apprehensions about family planning.

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