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Home Health Articles Acupunture: An Effective Backache Reliever

Acupunture: An Effective Backache Reliever

Backache is one of the most common health problems plaguing people all over the world, resulting in mounting expenses in healthcare and decreasing productivity on a yearly basis. Conventional therapies include yoga and other simpler physical exercise such as stretching, hot packs and ice packs, ultrasound and radiation therapy, anti-inflammatory and analgesic medications, or complete bed rest in acute conditions. However, most of these therapies are not effective, especially if the backache is persistent or chronic. Moreover, prolonged use of pain relieving drugs can also lead to ulcers and gastritis, and can damage liver cells in the long term.

So, what is the way out? There is one modality that is far more effective than all these aforesaid therapies of back pain and yet much more cost-effective – acupuncture. In a recent study it has been observed that acupuncture relieves chronic backache and lower back pain more effectively and in a more lasting way than any of the commonly known orthopedic treatments.

An alternative medicament of Eastern origin having a history of more than 4,000 years, acupuncture has been known to cure many diseases to which conventional modalities had no answers. It involves insertion of fine needles in specific parts of the body known as pressure points and manipulating them to reduce inflammation and pain.

backacheAt the molecular level, acupuncture releases certain nature pain-relieving molecules inside the human body. This natural pain relievers known as endorphins or adenosine is otherwise synthesized in the body in response to an injury and helps numbing the hurt area partly by blocking nerve signals transmitting the sensation of pain.

It has been found that endorphin level in the body tissues surrounding the areas of acupuncture needle insertion increases significantly during treatment. This helps in reducing backache and the associated discomfort in the lower pelvic zone and limbs.

Acupuncture, unlike it is conjectured otherwise is not a modality based on sheer belief. This ancient medicament has physiological basics and works by manipulating pressure points of the body. So there is no reason to flout it as just another alternative therapy which as no scientific base as such.

However, like any other conventional treatments, acupuncture does not yield the same result in all backache patients, even when they have the some kind of lower back pain. But as it often provides satisfactory and transitory back pain relief, acupuncture is often included in many types of modern pain management schedules.

So, if you are suffering from chronic backache for a long time, and looking for an effective cure, do go to your physician but at the same time, do consider the option of acupuncture as well. This alternative medicament works wonder if stuck to for a considerable period of time.

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