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Home » Health Articles » Side Effects of Birth Control Pills

Side Effects of Birth Control Pills

All About Cervical CancerThe practice of birth control is as old as human existence. In today’s world, every couple would like to go for birth control methods for their own personal reasons, which could be lifestyle related, economic or even environmental. However once a couple has decided to go forward with a birth control decision, they should carefully evaluate the use of various options in terms of their pros and cons.

Birth control pills or oral contraception which is one of the most commonly used methods for birth control has side effects, which one should be aware of. Birth control pills have been in the market since the last 50 years and have consistently been improved to lower the side effect issue. But still some side effects still persists with the use of these oral contraceptives.

About Birth Control Pills

Also known as oral contraceptive pills, birth control pills are a leading birth control method used by women. These pills consist of hormones – estrogen and progestin and aim at controlling the function of ovaries and the uterus in a female body. Today, a large variety of birth control pills are available on the market. A large many birth control pills are available over the counter. However, it is advisable that women consult their gynecologist before taking any medicine.

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Side Effects of Birth Control Pills

A lot of improvement has been made in the birth control pills. Many young women even report no side effects while some report minor side effects. But still some women may experience commonly associated side effects such as irregular menstrual bleeding, nausea, headaches, dizziness and breast tenderness. Some women may even experience mood changes and blood clots.

It has been observed that some of these side effects improve over the first three months of use. Women may also change to a different birth control pill if the side effects continue to persist.

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