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Positions to Get Pregnant

Getting pregnant might be one of the most easy things but the fact does not hold truth for the couples who have problems in conceiving. Interestingly, getting pregnant has got a lot to do with sex positions. In case the couple are planning a child, they have to make sure that they assume those particular sex positions that can help the sperm meet the egg in the shortest span of time.
If the couple is having sex with the sole purpose of pregnancy then it is wise to avoid sex positions that least expose the cervix to the male sperm. For example, sex while sitting down, standing up or with the woman on top. The idea is to restrict the flow of sperms out of the vagina. During the act, the woman's hips have to be positioned in such a manner that the sperm released are kept intact within the vagina so as to provide enough time for the sperms to swim upto the female cervix.

Mentioned under are best sex positions that can most likely render pregnancy. Check them out:

The Missionary Position

Missionary position refers to the one where the man is on the top. This particular position is considered the best for getting pregnant as it allows deepest penetration of penis thus, making it the sperm deposition closest to the cervix.

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Raised Hips

When a female raises her hips during the act, technically, she makes her cervix attract maximum number of semens released from the male body. Hence, the possibility of pregnancy increases manifold. A female's hips can also be elevated by putting a pillow beneath her.


Doggy style refers to the position wherein the man enters a woman from the rear. It is counted as one of the best positions for pregnancy as the sperm is deposited closest to the cervix in this particular position. Thus, enhancing the pregnancy possibilities.


Love can be made while lying side by side as well. This is again, one of those positions that provides maximum exposure of cervix to the male sperm hence, more than enough possibilities to get pregnant.


There have been researches made, that suggest that female orgasm ends up in contractions that can push the sperms up into the cervix. Thus, it is essential for a female to reach orgasm during the act.
Lastly, always remember that you enjoy having sex all the while.

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