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Preventive Measures of Breast Cancer

Preventive Measures of Breast CancerBreast cancer is a complex disease, and many things including your diet contribute in the growth of this disease. Age factor is one of the reasons of breast cancer, the longer you live the more are the chances to get breast cancer. The most effective way to gain control on this dangerous disease is Breast Self Examination and start working on it, as soon as one recognizes its symptoms.

Breast Cancer Prevention

There are lot many other ways of breast cancer treatment and to lower the risk. Moreover, it has been observed that diet plays an important role in controlling breast cancer. Here is a handy guide on how to include small changes in your lifestyle to protect yourself from breast cancer.

Increase the Fiber Content in Your Diet

Fiber is considered one of the beneficial nutrients in treating breast cancer. So, it is always advised to have plenty of fiber rich food through vegetables, whole grains, legumes and fruits. Now, how fiber content helps in decreasing breast cancer risk? Blood estrogen in high amount in the body are actually close in relation to the breast cancer risk, but if you consume a lot of fiber, it will interrupt the metabolism of estrogen which further enables in the decrease of blood levels of estrogen.

Soy Food for Breast Cancer Prevention

It is quite beneficial to have soy products on regular basis, foods like miso or tempeh, tofu are rich in soyabean. A plant estrogen called genistein is found in soybeans which binds to receptors in the breast, and makes it impossible for potentially cancer causing forms of estrogen to connect with breast cells.

Physical Activity for Breast Cancer Prevention

Physical activity of 2-3 hrs in a week can reduce the chances of breast cancer by about 20%. It is always advised to make it mandatory for your self to walk, jog, swim or engage in breast cancer some other kind of exercising and try to exercise for minimum of 30 minutes when you do.

Prefer Eating Smaller Meals

Experts always advise to take small and mini meals instead of three large meals a day. Eating regularly in small intervals also helps in stabilizing blood sugar and puts less stress on the heart. Moreover, heart beat can increase by 30% if heavier meals are not avoided.

Start Eating Fish

It is recommended to have at least 3 servings of cold water fish in a week, which includes, salmon, halibut, tuna, cod and sardines. And yes if you are a pure vegetarian start taking fish oil capsules or vegetarian supplements. Increased consumption of fish and its oil reduces the risk of cancer, as omega 3 oils in fish inhibit the effects of compounds known as prostaglandins. Also the Prostaglandins are associated with inflammation that suppress the immune system's ability to identify tumors.

Follow these tips and try to include them in your day to day life to avoid the chances of breast cancer.

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