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Procedures for Penis Enlargement

If you are conscious about your penis size and want penis enlargement, then there is nothing to feel shy about, as market has flourished with various penis enlargement options. The desire for long penis is a serious concern for men and is absolutely normal. But before you go for any sort of surgical methods, you need to go through this guide to make the right choices.

Penis extender for penis enlargment

Penis extender is a medical device which is light in weight used for the enlargment of penis. The extender is worn on the penis in flaccid state. Wearing an extender is not a difficult part as it has adjustable screws for that stretching effect which helps in gradual increase in length of the penis.
And for required results one should try to wear for minimum of 5-8 hrs a day buy turning the adjustable screws as per the penis enlargement program schedule.

Penis enlargement exercises

There is no doubt in saying that the penis enlargement exercises are quite effective to increase the length of the penis but what makes the exercises effective is the ability of men's organisms to adapt to environment. Jelqing, Penis Stretching and Kegel Exercises should be performed on regular basis to get better results.

Penis enlargement surgery

SPenis extender for penis enlargementurgical penis enlargement is the only solution for permanent enlargement of the penis. Various surgical methods are used and can make the penis visually enlarged by over an inch. Now what exactly is done in a surgical method? The surgeon actually cuts the ligaments that are responsible to hold the penis in its original position and this allows the penis to descend. Stretching devices or weights are then used and placed for next few months to effect a permanent increase in size of the penis. Moreover, the procedure is quite effective but it may result in the pointing down of the erection, scar tissue, and the base of the penis will be hairy.

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Vacuum Devices for penis enlargement

Now you will be surprised that how vacuum pumps are used to increase the penis size. The procedure goes like this that vacuum pumps are placed over the penis and further air is drawn from the tube which creates pressure. And because of this pressure, blood is forced rapidly into the penis. A ring shaped instrument is then adjusted and placed at the base of the penis to stop the draining of the blood too fast. But this procedure will work for around 24 hours.

So, try these methods penis enlargement methods to make your penis look longer but before you go for any of the written procedures, it is always recommended to consult a doctor.

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