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Sexuality Changes Throughout Life

Sexuality Changes Throughout LifeWomen have been conditioned to believe that they are on a personal sexual timeline. There's a certain age to have children, and certain age when sex ceases to be a priority. This timeline has created a lot of stress and anxiety over the years, but there's a change taking place in the modern 21st century women. Women are enjoying motherhood later in life, and they are certainly enjoying sex well into their golden years, so those antiquated ideas about sex are being replaced by a new attitude about life, and how to live it.

Sexuality, as well as sensuality changes throughout life. There are times when feeling sexy comes easy and other times when sex is the last thing on the to-do-list. Certain physical issues may develop like pain during intercourse, a weak sex drive or vaginal dryness, and those issues can be signs that some thought or situation is blocking sexual signals from the brain. Experts call those symptoms female sexual dysfunction (FSD), and recent reports indicate that over 4 American women in 10 have some type of FSD.

There are a number of causes for FSD. Stress and anxiety can trigger symptoms at any time, and pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause can definitely impact any women's sex drive. Those causes can create lingering symptoms of FSD, and it's not uncommon for women to suffer in silence for years before they get help. The fact is help is always available through a professional or through self analysis. Determining when the symptoms started can help identify the cause, and by doing a little research most women find a female sexual enhancement supplement that alleviates the FSD symptoms.

The Health Benefits of Sex are Well Documented
It's never too late to reap the health benefits from sexual activity. Women are enjoying sex more because they are aware that a plethora of hormones are stimulated before and during sexual activity. Just one thought or glance can increase the adrenaline in the bloodstream, and as the sexual process continues prolactin, DHEA, testosterone, estrogen, and noradrenaline are also stimulated through an orgasm, and that has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Oxytocin is also released after an orgasm and that has many anticlimactic functions, which includes lowering blood pressure.

Sex helps reduce stress and anxiety so we sleep better. Natural endorphins are released after an orgasm, and they act like natural sedatives. Recent studies show that the body responds to sex in the same way that it responds to a workout at the gym or a brisk walk, and some reports indicate that pain tolerance increases while mood swings and depression decreases. The ancient civilizations believed sex was sacred as well as spiritual, and modern women are now understanding the truth in those beliefs.

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