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Tips to Make Your Sexual Life Lively

Tips to Make Your Sexual Life LivelyLove is an integral part of any relationship. It plays a pivotal role in bringing couple closer to each other. Therefore, it becomes necessary that your sexual life should also be interesting and remain fresh each day.

Now, when we talk about sexual life, it really becomes important to enjoy sexual life to its fullest. And for this prolonged foreplay is the key to enjoy mind blowing sex with your partner. To have a prolonged foreplay, you need more than just kissing and caressing. Here are some of the exciting tips to make your sex life lively:

Providing Oral Sex to Your Partner

Its a well known fact that oral sex is highly exciting, especially when it is performed on a woman. It is considered one of the best warm up session before intercourse, and will surely make your partner crazy and craving for sex.

Do Everything Slowly

Do not rush to complete your foreplay, its important that you take everything slowly so as to create that sense of sexual anticipation and desire. Explore your partner's body slowly, do it as if it is the first time you are seeing him or her naked.

Show Him Your Body

It's not always a great idea to move around the house in sexy lingerie and killer high heel sandals, if you want to see an instant arousal in your man. It is better to surprise him by doing the dusting totally naked or else wearing a sexy G-string. Men are turned on by what they see so show him.

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Enjoy Bathing Together

You both could even enjoy a bubble bath together or a shower together. While bathing, you can give your partner a soothing massage, which would prove to be relaxing as well as exciting.

Proper Body Shape is Must

One way to make your sex life more energetic is to exercise on a regular basis, this will help in keeping both of your bodies in proper shape. The more you and your partner exercise and work out, the more energy you will be able to put into your sexual lives in the bedroom.

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