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Family Dental Insurance

Family dental insurance is a must for proper dental care as expenses related to dental treatment can be very expensive at times. Dental insurance is provided by an insurance firm and is configured in the same manner like other health insurance policies. There are different dental insurance needs from individuals in a family. Family dental insurance plans help in covering your family dental needs at affordable prices. Dental coverage becomes important as this can help covering the cost of routine dentist visits and keep your family members' teeth and gums healthy for years to come.

What Does Dental Insurance Covers?

» Dental check ups
» Teeth cleaning
» Tooth extractions
» Teeth fillings
» Braces
» Root canals etc.

Benefits of Dental Insurance

» Better Oral Health

Health InsuranceDental insurance provides better oral health for everyone in the family since it pays for all of preventive dental care like cleanings once in every six months. This level of insurance coverage also helps to encourage family members to visit the dentist for regular check ups. Prevention is the best key to in solving dental problems.

» Saves Money

Dental insurance for family also saves money as you need to pay only a certain percentage for your dental services while the major expenses are taken by the insurance company.

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Family Dental Insurance Plans

The different types of dental insurance plans are as follows:

» Indemnity Plan

Indemnity dental insurance plan is a fee for service plan, where the client can choose his own dentist. It has co-payment options. There is also an annual limit on the dental spending and dental procedures coverage.

» Self-Insurance Plan

Self-insurance plan is same as indemnity plan, but the only difference is the the client cannot choose his own dentist.

» Closed Panel Plan

In this plan, there is limited facilities and the number of dentist available to you.

» Preferred provider organization

This is also limited to a group of dentists who are available to provide dental care at a reasonable low cost.

» Direct Reimbursement Plan

Here the employer providing dental insurance to employees directly reimburse the money for dental care and services the employees received.

» Dental Care Service Plan

Dental Care Service Plan make use of a group of dentists who forms a non-profit organization to provide dental care and services at fixed rates.

Choose the Right Family Dental Insurance

Certain factors are to be considered to choose the right family dental insurance plan:

Choose Your Own Dentist

Make sure that your insurance provider allows you to choose your own dentist. There are certain insurance companies that can offer you dental insurance services at big discounts but only if you use their specific network of dentists. In such cases there is problem of the dentist being not available in your locality at your times of need.

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What are the restrictions in dental treatment?

Consider the restrictions that come with the dental treatment options. Some insurance companies will place a restriction on the number of treatments you can have per year while some other policies will restrict how much money is paid for specific dental conditions. If your family has a history of dental issues then it is better to choose a dental insurance plan that has as little restrictions as possible.

What dental insurance plan covers?

While choosing a dental insurance, consider what the plan covers. The best family dental insurance plan is that which provides you a free cleaning every six months. You can get fluoride treatments or X-rays free of charge or at discounted costs. If your family has good dental history then you should try negotiating for less coverage for major dental procedures.

Who are covered in your plan?

You should also consider how many family members can be covered by the family dental insurance plan. While most plans cover the spouse and dependent children up to the 18 years of age there can be some exceptions that you need to consider. Some dental plans cover children up to the age of 22. More the number of family members covered, better is the plan.

Flexibility in your plan

You need to select a dental plan that allows you to have flexibility in making dental appointments. There may be cheap dental insurance plans but they may have a limit on the times that you can make appointments. It is important to choose a plan with flexible scheduling. You and your family should not experience any inconveniences when your family needs to make a dental appointment.

What are your savings?

It is very important to determine how much savings you can get from your family dental insurance plan. Whether it is your own family dental insurance plan or you are getting it through your employer you need to save when buying your policy. So make sure the policy you select allows you to save a lot of money at the end of the year.

Compare Rates

Before making the final choice, make a survey of various services offered by different dental insurance companies. Compare their services and rates and find the cheapest rate with the right dental care policy without having to sacrifice the benefits you would get in return.

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