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Common Homeopathic Medicines

The following medicines are used to treat people in first aid situations.
NOTE: Homeopaths use the latin names for their medicines since a similar nomenclature is needed to converse with homeopaths throughout the world.

ARNICA (Mountain Daisy)
This is a highly effective medicine for a shock or trauma of any injury. It is necessary to treat an injured person for shock first unless the injury is very mild or unless the person is bleeding so profusely that stopping the bleeding should be attended to immediately. ARNICA helps reduce shock, relieve pain, diminish swelling, and begin healing. It is a great medicine for injuries to muscles, especially when there is pain from overexertion.
It is also used before or after surgery since the body experiences a state of shock from these medical Procedures, specially in dental surgery and labor cases.

HYPERICUM (St. John's Wort)
For injuries to nerves or to injured parts of the body which are richly supplied with nerves (fingers, toes, the spine). Relieves sharp or shooting pains of such injuries.

URTICA URENS (stinging nettle)
For burns (stinging nettle causes a burn upon contact with the spine of the plant). URTICA URENS in external application is also helpful in diminishing the pain of the burn and in promoting healing. Such application should be diluted, approximately one part of URTICA URENS with ten parts water.

It is the best medicine for puncture wounds, whether it be from a needle, a nail, or other sharp object. In the case of deep punctures or punctures from rusty nail LEDUM can be taken, it has no side-effects and it can be helpful in healing wounds and preventing tetanus. LEDUM is also commonly prescribed for insect stings and animal bites. It's applicable as well to people with severe bruising (black eyes or blows from firm objects).

RHUS TOX (Poison Ivy)
Medicine for certain types of skin conditions as well as for numerous other conditions. It is highly effective in the rupturing of ligaments and tendons. The most common medicine prescribed for sprains and strains, especially the type of sprain and strain that is worse upon initial motion but that is better upon continued motion. It is also a medicine given for dislocated joints.

RUTA (Rue)
Given for severe sprains where the person has a torn or wrenched tendon, split ligament, or bruised periosteum (bone covering). It is also the most common medicine prescribed for recent or old injuries to the knee or elbow.

Homeopaths, like herbalists, use SYMPHYTUM for fractures. It relieves pain and promotes rapid healing of a fracture. Besides its application in fractures, SYMPHYTUM is a great medicine for injuries to the eyeball, bones around the eyes, and the cheekbones.

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