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Mental Health

Mental health is considered more than the absence of mental illness. Even though many of the people don't suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder, but still it is clear that some of us are mentally healthier than others. Moreover, the ability to enjoy life is essential to maintain good mental health. Here are some of the types of mental disorders described, which are generally suffered by human beings, they are:

  • »Anxiety
    All of us have experienced some form anxiety in our lives; those sweating palms before the start of an examination; the pounding heart on going to the stage, are features of Anxiety. Anxiety to an extent is useful in that it focuses our attention on the job at hand but too much of it and we just mess up everything. Find out what are the factors causing Anxiety and what you can do to handle it more effectively.

  • »Panic Attacks
    Panic Attacks can resemble any thing from an Attack of Severe Anxiety to a Heart Attack. Panic Attacks can be very incapacitating, but at the same time seeking correct proffessional help goes a long way in treating them.

  • »Depression
    Depression, according to the World Health Organization, is THE THIRD MOST COMMON ILLNESS IN THE WORLD. It is more than just a bad mood or feeling low. The good thing is, it can be readily treated.

  • Mental Health»Demystifying visit to a psychiatrist
    A visit to a psychiatrist brings up images of a person lying down on a couch and the doctor taking notes, or images of a person hypnotizing you and knowing all about you. Contrary to all these psychiatrists use scientifically proven techniques which are pretty effective. Find out about the various therapies and techniques used in psychiatry.

  • »Electroconvulsive Shock Therapy (ECT)
    It is a technique which is understood commonly as a shock therapy. It is very effective and harmless form of therapy which is tried and tested over time and used in many cases of mental disorders.

  • »Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
    The Boy could not stop washing his hands.......The woman could not stop checking the lock..... The man could no stop himself from praying to God again & again...... Out of every 10 patients coming to the psychiatrist, one patient is suffering from this illness.

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