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F.A.Q.s for Him: Male Sex Guide

F.A.Q.s for Him Sex Guide - Males Sex Guide and questions which people want to ask about sex, penis size, longer penis of men, male ejaculation etc. which will help in knowing about sex in detail and will also help in clearing all sort of doubts related to sex. Hope, this complete male sex guide answers all your queries related to male sex and penis size.

Is male masturbation harmful?

No, male masturbation is not harmful in as much as producing physical disability or diminishing your virility. In fact masturbation should be seen as 'a handful of pleasure'. It doesn't lead to any deformity of the penis nor does it affect the ability to achieve or sustain an erection.

What's the average penis size?

The average penis length is 15cm, the normal range is considered to be between 13 and 18cm and the penis which is more than 15 cm is considered bigger penis.

Does penis size matter?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions for male, as men die for bigger penis size. The fact of the matter is that it is important only if you think that bigger penis is important. Factually speaking, the vagina is only eight to thirteen centimeters long, and only the outer one third of it is supplied with nerves and is therefore sensitive to touch. Therefore even a very small penis can touch every square centimeter within the vagina and can certainly perform adequately. So, men having normal length penis should not think much about having bigger penis.

Can bigger penis be achieved through surgical procedures?

Yes. There are two surgical procedures to increase penis size-- the Bihari Procedure, and Fat Injection.

The Bihari Procedure consists of cutting the ligament that secures the base of the penis to the body. This gives between one-half and two inches of increased length to the penis; however, because the penis is no longer anchored to the body an erection no longer points 'up.'

Fat Injection is the process of removing fat from the backs of the thighs and injecting it into the body of the penis to make the penis thicker. Because the body rejects a significant portion of the injection this procedure may need to be repeated several times and each operation carries with it a severe risk of infection. There are many ways to Increase Penis Size

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My penis bends down (or left, or right). Is there something wrong with it?

One-quarter of all penises, whether it is large penis or small penis, bend in some direction and some bend downward even when erect. Coming to think of it, one would really thank that the penis doesn’t have any bones in it, otherwise male ejaculation would have been difficult for men, and therefore boneless penis can easily bend in many directions to perform its job without much of discomfort. Unless the bend is severe or causes you pain, there is nothing wrong or abnormal about your penis. It should not interfere with sexual intercourse. In fact some people find the bend is to their advantage, making penetration easier. Moreover, fully enlarge penis might become hindrance while having intercourse.

What does a circumcised penis mean?

A circumcised penis refers to a kind of penis that has its foreskin removed. Foreskin is actually a loose layer of skin which covers the glans or head of the penis. Its just a skin layer which does not really have any function or purpose. The males who have a penis with removed foreskin are called circumcised. As far as functionality and other physical aspects are concerned, there is no difference between a circumcised and uncircumcised penis. Also, circumcision by any means, does not effect the growth of penis.

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Does a man develop erectile dysfunction as he gets older?

There are many myths and misconceptions associated with aging and sex. Be it the development of erectile dysfunction, impotence or low sex drive, none of it has got any real connections or reasons associated with growing age. Older men can enjoy equal intimacy and sexual pleasures as their younger counterparts.

What are the causes and symptoms of low testosterone?

When it comes to sex and men, testosterone is clearly considered the most significant male hormone. It is instrumental in maintaining the sperm production, sex drive, muscle, bone and public and body hair. The major causes of low testosterone are:
  • -Side effects of a drug
  • -Aging
  • -Increase in adrenal hormone cortisol
  • -Alcoholism
  • -Chronic illness
  • -Smoking
  • -Lack of exercise
  • -Unhealthy diet

The symptoms of low testosterone include less interest in sex, hot flashes, erection problems, depression etc.

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One of my testicles is larger than the other. Is it all right?

Rarely are both the testicles identical. In fact the left one hangs lower in 85% of cases. It is nothing to worry about. And this has nothing to do with long penis or small penis.

Sometimes I feel pain in my testicles. Is there some thing to worry?

Intermittent twinges in the testicles are common and these sometimes happen after the intercourse. If it lasts less than a minute then there is nothing to worry. An infection or inflammation causes testicular pain that builds up gradually. In such cases consult your doctor.

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Ejaculation happens too fast. What do I do?

Again, it is one of the more frequent problems. The solution is to try to strengthen your PC( pubococcygeus) muscle which will help in ejaculation control. It is the muscle that you use to stop urine flow or to rid yourself of the last few drops. Try contracting it whenever you get reminded of it - in the car, at your desk, some 50 – 100 times a day. It is the same muscle that contracts for ejaculation, therefore strengthening it will give you more control during sex.

Cannot keep an erection firm enough for long to have sex. What might be the causes?

Erection problems like this are also called erectile dysfunction or impotence. It may be caused due to many reasons:
  • -Any physical ailment, such as injury to the nerves or blood vessels running up to the penis.
  • -Diabetes
  • -High blood pressure
  • -High cholesterol
  • -Atherosclerosis
  • -Diseases of the nervous system, such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease
  • -Excessive drinking
  • -Anxiety, stress, depression
  • -Side effects of any medication
  • -Recent surgery, such as for prostate cancer
  • -Injury to the pelvic area

Consulting a specialist, and making positive changes in lifestyle can cure erectile dysfunction.

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Often have a white penile discharge associated with mild discomfort. Is that a sign of infection?

Any unusual discharge (pus like) from the penis is usually a sign of infection. Some of these can be even serious. The commonest causes of white penile discharge include:
  • -Urethritis: Infection in urethra (the common tube for urine and semen that is there inside the penis)
  • -Non-specific urethritis
  • -Infection under the foreskin of penis in non-circumcised males
  • -Warts at the urethral opening
  • -Acute prostatitis
  • -Herpes simplex virus (HSV) ulcer at the urethral opening
  • -Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) like Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia
  • -Some blockage in the urethra

Immediately consult a specialist from the nearest genitourinary medicine clinic if you experience this over an extended period of time.

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