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Your Sex Guide ‘Sex’ is a burning issue. It is taken as extensively a taboo even in the modern society. Since school days it has been told as well as hinted a ridiculous matter. Talking or conversing sexual matters have been impassable barricades in conservative families as well as communities. Even schools and colleges lack proper sex education that lead to a whole crop of sexual misconceptions and illogical fears and hesitations originating from it.

There are occasions where these fears and misapprehensions even lead to severe psychological issues that affect one's sexual health to a greater extent. Unsurprisingly, all this merely contributes to uneasiness, nervousness to mingle with the opposite gender.

Continue your reading to comprehend sex as a subject matter in details & also clear you myths and misunderstandings about it.

Importance of Sex Education and Sex Guidance :

Sex education denotes a comprehensive study of sex as a subject-matter. Sex education is a way to understand human sexual anatomy, sexual intercourse, reproductive health, contraception, reproductive rights as well as responsibilities etc. These are some of the streams that come under sex education. It is essential to pass on complete sex education as well as guidance to young minds and teenagers so as to provide them with genuine facts and authentic information about sex. Proper sex education enables teenagers to protect themselves against HIV/AIDS, sexual harassment, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), accidental pregnancies etc.

What should you know about Sex?

Comprehensive sex knowledge involves numerous topics that can be separated under three major classes:

Sexual Development and Reproduction:

A person should be familiar with all the physical as well as emotional transformations related to teenage years & biological reproduction. Concrete information about conception, fertilization & sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is also of utmost importance.

Contraception & Birth Control:

The comprehension about contraception & birth control is equally important and every person should be aware of it. A number of birth control measures and mediums to avoid accidental pregnancies can be helpful for individuals to make appropriate choices.

Relationships :

For a better sex knowledge people should also be familiar with terms like love, commitment, marriage & partnership. Also, a person should be knowledgeable about the laws & legislation laws with regard to these relationship titles, sexual activities as well as sexual choices. People should also be aware of the religious & cultural opinion about sexuality and sexual diversity.

Attitudes & Beliefs Regarding Sex :

Generally individuals have their own predetermined concepts about sex & sexuality. Sex health education assists in breaking these preset ideas and concepts and spread consciousness about the sex that is a most sensitive subject. The sex educators should also be careful not to imply their own personal notions & beliefs in youngsters.

It is commonly accepted as well as understood that unnatural sexual activities or a complete lack of interest in sexual issues are symptoms of an individual who doesn’t have sex education. Since there are no appropriate, official channels for passing on sex education to youth and teenagers, partial information often brings about un-clarified doubts, unanswered questions and unnecessary consequences. Since the parents, teachers and other elderly individual should take responsibility to impart the sex education to teenagers, they should take care that their mind set is broad enough to communicate liberal views about the subject with no discrimination towards their own opinions.

Sex Skills:

Proper and correct sex guidance aids abreast youngsters with the vital information required to develop communicational and cooperation skills concerning the subject. Broadening the intellectual scopes on a sensitive topic like sex assists rendering a logical thinking process along with considerate decision making skill to the teenagers. It is really important to discuss about a subject like this, conversing about which is still regarded as banned in our culture. The young minds as being the leading generation of our country should be capable of addressing issues like abortion, same sex relationships, contraception etc.

Sex Communication :

As talking about sex is forbidden in our community but when an individual or teen who doesn’t have proper sex guidance asks about it, he/she should be imparted with complete details and facts. School and colleges should impart knowledge about sex as much as possible so that young generation could be led to right direction. Moreover, talking about it with your own partner is also important.

Sex is not a matter of coyness or disregard. For a healthy sex life and physical wellbeing it is important to get complete knowledge about it. Both genders should acquire knowledge about sex, intimacy, sexual tips and hygiene for sustaining a healthy sexual association with your partner.

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