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When it comes to the wellness of entire family, each and every member of the family should be focused. As, every member requires complete attention towards his/ her health, which include, proper exercising, nutritious food, consuming fresh fruits and vegetables and lots more. Here are some health tips and nutrition guide for you and your family to live a longer and healthier life:

Remember that any form of physical activityis good for your body, so each of your family member should implement regular exercising regime in their daily schedule. There are lots of ways to be active, dance to a good song, take the stairs instead of the elevator, go for swimming, go for a walk, work in your yard or wash your car.

This one is for kids specially, take care of your kid if he/she spend more time inside the house watching TV or playing computer games than playing outside? If you encourage your kid to be active, they will show improved health and well-being. Also, your children will develop healthy weight, strong bones and healthy habits for a lifetime.

Protein rich food is essential for your entire family- Proteins play a major role in ensuring family's wellness. There are innumerable functions of proteins in the body. Well, the primary functions of proteins include formation of enzymes and hormones, building and repairing of body tissues and regulation of body processes.

It is not wise to drink water only to quench your thirst, but it should be the habit of every member to drink water at frequent intervals throughout the day. Moreover, to stay hydrated in the hot summer months is also important. When planning outdoor physical activities with your family, remember to carry big container of water for the entire family, to stay hydrated.

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