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A healthy habit when taught to a child from the early days, helps in the overall child development and turns him/her into a responsible individual. Children need to taught about the importance of healthy habits in a gentle manner. Here are some health tips for kids, which parents need to use to keep their kids in good health.

  • Fruits and green vegetables are equally essential for kids. Parents need to include fresh fruits during breakfast times or can serve their kid with a fruit in the lunch box. Make their lunch box interesting by serving fresh fruit juices or even fruit salads to break the monotony.
  • As a part of kids wellness, drinking loads of fluids and water is also important. Children are not aware about many things that are very important for their health. As parents, you must ensure your kid has plenty of water and fluids during the day. Fluids must include fresh juices and juices can easily be carried by your kid to a school in water bottle.
  • Even if your kid is eating regular meals during the day, there will still be times in between that your kid might feel hungry, as kids remain physically active all the time. Snacks can fill the gap, but take care that snacks should be taken only as extras and not in place of meals. Kids choice may be crisps, nuts and other packet snacks, chocolate bars, cakes and biscuits. Moreover, nutritious sandwich, some fresh or dried fruits, or perhaps sticks of vegetables like carrots and celery can also be replaced by chocolates and cakes.
  • Dental care is another vital part of kid's health and it should not be ignored at any cost. Ask your kids to brush their teeth twice a day. You can pamper and promise your kid for the same, and tell them you are going to read a bed time story for them, if they do so.

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