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The world we live in has turned into a very toxic environment. But still, health should not be ignored at any cost, because without it, we cannot enjoy anything else. Being healthy means that we can appreciate life as it should be appreciated. But what are the actual wellness tips that will make us lead a longer and healthy life. Here are some of them:

Adequate Sleep
Sleeping is something that should be done regularly and in the recommended portion – about 8 hours each day, but a minimum of 6 hours. Without sleep, our bodies are submitted to a lot of stress and our internal organs pay the price for our lack of attention.

Eat Plenty of High-Fiber Foods
Fiber foods rich in fiber should be consumed on daily bases, like, fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains. These foods are considered nutritious, as they contain carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, and are also relatively low in calories. These food items are able to supply 20 to 30 grams of dietary fiber, which is usually required by a human body. It also slows the absorption of carbohydrates, so there’s less effect on insulin and blood sugar.

Keep Portions Moderate
It is always recommended to eat food in moderation, as serving sizes have ballooned the human body to a great extent. Particularly in restaurants, choose a starter instead of an entrée, split a dish with a friend, and its better not to order supersized dish.

Maintain an Adequate Calcium Intake
Calcium is very essential for strong bones and teeth and its one of the essential requirements for women's health, specially those who are 40 above. Intake calcium rich food from low-fat sources, such as skim milk and low-fat yogurt. If you can't get the optimal amount from foods, take supplements.

Low Down Cholesterol Intake
To reduce the chances of heart problems, its better to keep the cholesterol intake below 300 milligrams per day. Cholesterol is found only in animal products, such as poultry, meats, dairy products, and egg yolks.

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