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PMS: Premenstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) - Definition

Menstrual Disorder - Women's Health PMS stands for Premenstrual Syndrome and can affect menstruating women of all age groups. Premenstrual Syndrome consists of several emotional and physical indications, which may begin one to two weeks before the starting of monthly cycle. The signs of PMS may vary from woman to woman. For some females, the indications may be moderate or mild, and for others, these symptoms may be extremely painful. A woman gets relief from the signs of PMS after the starting of her menstrual periods. PMS has more than 150 signs, ranging from depression to weight gain.

Menstrual Problems

The physical problems that begin with PMS are many such as headache, acne, backache, bloating, sore breasts, tiredness, swollen ankles, abdominal swelling, fatigue, food cravings and so on.

Emotional indications might include poor concentration, irritability, changes in sexual desire, mood swings, depression, emotional stress etc.

Due to the problem of water retention, some women may also gain some weight in the later stage of the menstruation.

The signs of PMS are more or less similar to various medical conditions. These conditions take in diabetes, depression, painful periods (dysmenorrheal), fibrocystic breast disease, thyroid problems, endometriosis.

Menstrual Causes

What causes PMS is still a big question, but more or less it is closely connected to hormones. The fluctuating level of hormones in a female body is the prime cause behind PMS.

Menstrual Treatments

Many women find that consumption of healthy foods is helpful in the lightening of PMS indications. Eat food which contains a good amount of protein and fiber. In order to reduce these symptoms, cut down the intake of fat, caffeine, intake of sugary food, and keep yourself away from salty food before the starting of your menstruation cycle. In addition to this, keep your meals small and sleep at least eight hours in a day to reduce the level of stress.

Natural Remedies for PMS

Peppermint Tea

Take Peppermint tea gives instant relief from indigestion and bloating and soothes stomach discomfort during PMS.

Basil Powder

Basil is enriched with iron and boosts the level of iron in women. Take basil tea or consume 1 tablespoon of dried basil powder to get relief.


Take 1-2 glasses of milk in a day to ease some of the signs of PMS.

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