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Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy Expecting a baby is one of the most exciting periods in the life of a woman. If you are pregnant, then it is necessary for you to know the different phases of pregnancy. This section of women's health will provide you detailed information about pregnancy and motherhood. Have a glance:

Pregnancy Symptoms

Missed menstrual period is the most obvious and alarming sign of pregnancy. Some women only experience light bleeding during their first month of pregnancy. Though, the indications of pregnancy are very clear and keep changing with the time. Check out these indications so you won’t be amazed when you feel unusual changes in your body.

Important signs of pregnancy are-

- Morning sickness is a reliable indication of pregnancy. It can happen anytime of the day
- Another common sign of pregnancy is that breasts may become tender and larger. Pregnant women may also notice that their areolas gets darker and stand out
- Constant need to pass urine is one of the most obvious signs of pregnancy
- Nausea and vomiting
- A metallic taste in the mouth
- Tiredness or easy exhaustion
- Craving for certain things like spicy foods
- Tendency for constipation
- An increased vaginal discharge without any health issue

Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy kit is one of the best ways to detect whether you are pregnant or not. It can easily carry out on samples of urine from the first day of skipped period. You can confirm your pregnancy by using a pregnancy test and if you get positive result, then consult a gynecologist soon.

What you should eat

For expectant woman, healthy and well-balanced diet is necessary for happy pregnancy and healthy growth of baby. A healthy diet plan provides all the essential nutrients to the baby. Add plenty of whole grains, green vegetables, fresh fruits etc to get fiber, vitamins and minerals for your healthy pregnancy. A pregnant woman should stay away from spicy, oily and fast food items. In order to get all the essential nutrients, make sure you eat an amalgamation of various food items every day. Also drink plenty of water throughout the day. Make a diet chart and follow it religiously for a happy and healthy delivery of your baby.

Healthy Meals

Every expectant woman should have some good sources of nutrients such as lentils, fish, beans, eggs, cheese, etc during pregnancy. Dairy products like yogurt, cheese, milk should be a part of daily diet as these contains calcium and other vital nutrients that are necessary for the good development of baby.

Food craving is an important sign of pregnancy. Excessive food cravings or changes in appetite are generally faced by every expectant mother. Try to stay away from sugary foods such as cakes, sugary beverages, cookies, chocolates, and so forth during the time of pregnancy. Apart from this, cut down the intake of fatty foods and avoid outside food as well.

Mineral and Vitamin Supplements

A good number of expectant women undergo varying degree of anemia. So, additional intake of iron is necessary for a woman. You can also consume it in the form of tablet. Iron is vital as it puts a stop on certain spinal disorders in the growing baby. Calcium and iron tablets are generally prescribed by women’s health care providers to pregnant women.

Pregnancy and Weight

Increasing weight of a woman is another common indication of pregnancy. A large number of women gain weight between 10 to 13 kilograms (22 - 28lbs). If you are a pregnant woman and gaining unnatural weight, then it could be a sign of a health problem. Rapid weight gain is not good for an expectant mother. So, regular walking or other mild physical activities is vital for you. Keep an eye on your weight and if your weight is more than 100kg or below 50kg, you must consult your gynecologist for health advice.

Smoking during Pregnancy

Smoking is harmful for your unborn baby. Now your baby is your first priority and your bad habits can easily affect your baby. If you are habitual of smoking, then quit it completely to take complete care of your unborn baby right from the first phase of pregnancy. If you do not give up, then your baby has to bear the ill-effects of harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide, tar, nicotine etc. The blood vessels get narrow due to the effect of nicotine, while carbon monoxide can cause shortage of oxygen for the baby. Smoking makes the heart beat of your baby faster. If you smoke during pregnancy, then you may experience vaginal bleeding, low weight of baby, and other harmful effects. Smoking can affect your baby even after birth. Your baby may plague from diseases such as Asthma, SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). So, give up your smoking habits for your healthy pregnancy.

Alcohol in Pregnancy

Quit alcohol to prevent yourself from the risk of premature delivery and miscarriage. Your drinking habits may develop fetal alcohol syndrome, which is also known as mental retardation in growing babies. This syndrome can create behavioral, physical, and mental problems in fetus. So, whenever you plan for baby, give up drinking to give birth to a healthy child.

Pills Medicines and Other Drugs in Pregnancy

Before taking any sort of medicines, a pregnant woman should be very careful. Always consult your doctor before taking any kind of medication. Make sure your dentist, general physician or other health care professionals are aware of the fact that you are pregnant. A large number of drugs have poor effects on growing baby especially in the first three months of pregnancy as these three months are crucial for a pregnant woman. Along with this, it is important to keep in mind that if you are afflicted with some chronic diseases such as diabetes, epilepsy, etc, then you should seek advice from your doctor. You need to continue your medicines as it is essential for the health of your baby and yours as well.

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